The Power of Prayer

A Posture of Humility
Humility is an Expression of Prayer
Growth Spurts Happen When Noise is Shut out
Changing Scenery
Crafting an Agenda for Hashem
Your Experience is Proportional to the Preparation You Put In
Get Ready and Prepare
Our Situation Room
Don’t Go Into an Audience with the King Without Preparing
On Every Checklist – Don’t Forget to Daven
We are all Kohanim to the World
Be a True Ba’al Teshuva
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You Cannot Make Up a Lost Prayer
Your Mission Right Now
You Were Meant to See or Hear That
The True Test of a Davener
Close Your Eyes and Transport Yourself
Be Present at Least in Prayer
Mindful Living
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If Your Mind is Not There, at Least Let Your Body be There
Demonstrate Kavannah, Even if You Don’t Feel it
Entering our Situation Room
Transcend the Matrix and Illusion and Experience Reality
Getting to Know God
Reflect Godliness in the World
We are Part of Hashem’s Imagination
Serving Our Purpose
We are like Ants and Yet Hashem Loves Us
Why Bow at Baruch and Stand Up at Hashem, Shouldn’t it be the Opposite?
Talking to Hashem in First Person
Nothing Too Big or Too Small for Hashem
Feeling Hashem’s Pain
The Pain of the Perfect Being
Feel for Your Father
To Love God is to Feel His Pain
Hashem Also Needs Your Chesed
Hashem’s Chesed is Categorically Different than Ours
Touching the Infinite
God Is Unlike Anything or Anyone You Know
Talking to Hashem When He is Right Before Us
Transform the Material into Spiritual through Tefillah
I Davened for This Child
A Prayerful Life
The Driver of Life
Dripping From Your Lips
When the Gate is Open Walk All the Way Through
Find a Phrase and Repeat it Over and Over
Step on the Break, Not Just the Gas Pedal When Davening
No Such Thing as a Wasted Prayer
Not Wasted Prayer, Banked Prayer
No Two are the Same
Over and Over Again
Relentless Prayer
Focused Without Distraction
Be a Masmid in Prayer
Feeling Close Even Without Being Answered
Nudging Hashem
Be a Nudnik To Hashem
Making it About Hashem, Not About You
Putting God at the Center of your Circle
An Exercise in Humility
You are Part of the Mitzvah
Be of Service to Hashem
Nothing But Him
Posture as a Form of Prayer
Trembling with Awe
Turning a Mundane Moment into an Auspicious One
Be a Jewel in Hashem’s Crown
Be Part of a Rising Sector
Sweetness of the Siddur
See the Siddur as a Sefer
Don’t Step on Aleynu
Building a Spiritual Shield
Courting the Master of the Universe
Seeing Hashem in Nature and History
Sacrifice the Animal in You
Be Thankful the Plumbing is Working and You have Shoes to Wear
On the Shoulders of Giants
Transcending Time and Space through Davening
Back Stage Passes with the Ribono Shel Olam
A Time for Improvising & a Time to Stick to the Script
God is Accessible and Approachable to Us
Finding the Formula
Mixing it Up
God’s Limitless Kindness
Only By the Goodness of God
Discerning the Truth
Thank God for Cars and Indoor Plumbing
Seeing God Everywhere
Make Room for God
Heart Service, Not Lip Service
Accessing the Gifts that Come Exclusively From Hashem
Cry Like a Baby
Reaching Out to Hashem From Desperation
24/7 Access to Chief Doctor of the World
Hashem, Our MD VIP
It is Not What You Know, But Who You Know and You Know God
Calling 911 for Others
Signing the Card to Hashem
Real Trust in Hashem
Not A God, My God
Calling Out to God By Name
Hardest and Most Rewarding Challenge, to Know God
Talking to God Like He is Your Best Friend
Don’t Take No From Hashem
Turning Ideology into Transformative Practice
Finding Meaning in Pesukei D’Zimra- Part 3
Finding Meaning in Pesukei D’Zimra- Part 2
Finding Meaning in Pesukei D’Zimra
Fixed Text, Fluid Davener