Ten Minutes of Mesillas Yesharim

Machshava: Bitachon, Emunah, Mesilas Yeshorim

(Part 86): Cowards Take Revenge
(Part 86): Conscientious Speech
(Part 85): Don’t Trip Blind People
(Part 84): The Severity of Verbal Abuse
(Part 83): Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat
(Part 82): You are What You Eat
(Part 81): Don’t Let the Thoughts In
(Part 80): Profanity Makes You Profane
(Part 79): Only By Putting a Fence
(Part 78): The Powerful Draw to Promiscuity
(Part 77): Channeling the Drive
(Part 76): Honesty is Such a Lonely Word
(Part 75): Being Our Best Selves, When Together and When Apart
(Part 74): Stealing Trust is Worse Than Stealing Things
(Part 73): You Can’t be Pious in Shul and Ruthless at Work
(Part 72): Stay in Your World
(Part 71): Stealing Time is Also Stealing
(Part 70): Honesty, Integrity and Your Reputation
(Part 69): Stealing from Man is Worse Than Stealing from God
(Part 68): You May be a Thief and Not Even Know It
(Part 67): Elevate and Enrich
(Part 66): Nurturing Our Souls
(Part 65): Form the Right Habits
(Part 64): Stop rationalizing = Telling Yourself Rational Lies
(Part 63): Don’t Let Fear Sabotage Your Success
(Part 62): Rational and Irrational Fears
(Part 61): Just Be Normal
(Part 60): The Reward is Proportional to the Effort
(Part 59): If You Love It, It Isn’t Suffering
(Part 57): Laziness is the Enemy
(Part 56): Overcoming Indolence
(Part 55): The Responsibility of Surviving
(Part 54): Inspiration Has to Find You Working
(Part 53): With the Eating Comes the Appetite
(Part 52): Be an Overachiever in Every Aspect of Life
(Part 51): Fill Each Day to Its Fullest
(Part 50): Don’t Turn Your Life Into a Pile of Chametz
(Part 49): Expect to Hit a Wall & Have a Plan to Get Over It
(Part 48): Laziness is Living in a Fog
(Part 47): Success if Forming the Right Habits
(Part 46): A Frog in a Slow Boil
(Part 45): There is No Neutral in Life, You Are Either in Forward or Reverse
(Part 44): Don’t Take Your Foot Off the Gas
(Part 43): The Voice of Sabotage is Cunning and Conniving
(Part 42): Don’t Be Apologetic or Ashamed
(Part 41): You Are Who You Hang Out With
(Part 40): Listening to the Messages All Around Us
(Part 39): The Cynic Hurts Himself or Herself the Most
(Part 38): Cynic Knows Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing
(Part 37): You Have 1,000 Minutes a Day, How Do You Want to Use Them
(Part 36): Your Best Days Have Torah in Them
(Part 35): He Created the Virus, But He Also Provides the Anti-Virus Software
(Part 34): Turn Off the Background Noise To Hear What Matters
(Part 33): Great Consequences Are the Result of Great Expectations
(Part 32): If You Don’t Prioritize Your Life Someone Else Will
(Part 31): Eternity is a Long Time
(Part 30): Channel Your Competitiveness
(Part 29): Do You Have Status?
(Part 28): Light Your Fire
(Part 27): Mindfulness, Not Anxiety
(Part 26): Spiritual Overachievers
(Part 25): Keeping the Compass Calibrated
(Part 24): What Gets Measured Gets Managed and Improved
(Part 23): Using Spiritual GPS
(Part 22): Navigating the Maze of Life
(Part 21): Don’t Confuse Reality and Illusion
(Part 20): Run Your Life Like Your Business
(Part 19): Judge Yourself, Not Others
(Part 18): Are You Living the Same Year Over and Over or Are You Growing?
(Part 17): Managed, But Never Conquered
(Part 16): Carving Quiet and Margin in our Lives
(Part 15): Creatures of Habit
(Part 14): Animals Know to Avoid Danger, Do You?
(Part 13): Are You Willing to Run Through a Wall?
(Part 12): Mindfullness or Mindlessness?
(Part 11): Don’t Be Satisfied with the Illusion, Hold Out for the Real Thing
(Part 10): Don’t Fill Up on the Appetizers
(Part 9): Just Passing Through
(Part 8): The World Serves Us, We Don’t Serve It
(Part 7): Conquering YOUR World
(Part 6): No Pain No Gain
(Part 5): You are Only Whole When You Feel Broken
(Part 4): The Rules Create the Meaning
(Part 3): Live Life on Fire
(Part 2): Getting High on Hashem
(Part 1): What is Your Duty in Your World?
Part 58: Show That Habit Who is Boss