Holidays and Holy Days

The Case of the Missing Torah: What is Shavuos Really About?
10 Commandments: Significant or Just a Sample?
Agenda Based Unity or Unity Based Unity? Getting Ready to Stand at the Mountain Together
Everything You Need to Know about Hot Food on Shabbos (Part 1)
Time Awareness & Personal Growth, One Step at a Time – Sefiras Ha’Omer
A Practical Guide to Leading a Seder: Insights, Ideas and Inspiration
Seeing the Glass as Half Full – Virtual Shabbos HaGadol Derasha 2020
Heseibah: Leaning on Hashem at the Seder and Always
Hagaddah Insight: Go From Slavery to Freedom
Layl Shimurim: Turning to Hashem for Protection from Physical and Invisible Enemies
Living With Seder When Nothing Feels B’Seder: Freedom Through Discipline
Making Pesach Made Easy: A Simple Guide in a Complicated Year
Banim or Avadim? What is the Paradigm of Your Relationship with Hashem?
Stop Trying to Be Someone Else: A Guide to Being You
Pre-Selichos Inspiration: There is No Point in Knocking if Nobody is Home
Practical Halachos of Preparing and Cooking on Yom Tov
Are We Bribing or Buying Off God? Why Should Giving Tzedaka Earn a Good Judgement?
Knowing What is Worth Crying Over and What Isn’t: What We Cry For This Tisha B’Av
Retracing Our Steps to Get Home: The Three Weeks Challenge
Is it Chol or Moed: Wearing Tefillin on Chol Ha’Moed
Anti-Semitism at the Seder: Remembering the Threat and Developing a Response
“Stealing” The Afikomen: Origin and Customs
Preparing for Pesach, Not Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Getting Ready in a Few Hours
Purim and Yom Ki’Purim: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Is There a Mitzvah to Drink on Purim and if So, Why?
Happy New Year? Using and Celebrating the Secular Calendar in Halacha and Hashkafa
Why You Need Shabbos More Than Ever
Zos Chanuka: Taking Advantage of the Brightest Light
Is the Mitzvah to Light or to Make Sure the Menorah is Lit?
Remarks before Selichos: Don’t Regret Not Speaking to the King
Yom Hashoah Speech- 2018
Tzav: There is No Holiness Without Preparation
Hagaddah Night: An Evening of Unity & Learning
Ki Sisa and Purim: The Virtue of Being a Stubborn Jew
Va’eira: The Story of Taking the Jews Out of Egypt and Egypt Out of the Jews
Chanukah Can Light Our Spark and Set Us on Fire
Pre-Selichos Inspiration
Hallel on Pesach Night: To Stay or to Go?
Do Friends Let Friends Get Drunk on Purim? Purim Drinking in Halacha and Hashkafa
Sefiras Ha’Omer: 1 Mitzvah with 49 Parts, or 49 Mitzvos with 1 Theme?
Clean and Kasher in Under One Day: Pesach Made Easy
Purim: Mordechai – Our Model of an Unapologetic, Proud Jew
Va’eira: We Are Living Through the 5th Language of Geula
Shavuos: A Prerequisite to Torah is Becoming a Desert
Tzav and the Seder: You Can’t Outsource Gratitude
Pre-Pesach Workshop 2
Arvei Pesachim: Daled Kosos
Pre-Pesach Workshop 1
Yom Kippur Pales in Comparison to Purim: Four Approaches
Yom Hashoah Program 2013
Pesach Preparation, NOT Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Home Ready in Just a Few Hours
Bo: Layl Shimurim – One Enchanted Evening
Pray Like You Mean It: Finding Meaning in Selichos
Tzav & Haggadah: The Holiness of Taking out the Garbage
Pesach Made Easy…Or at Least Easier
Ki Sisa & Purim: I’ll Drink to That
The Case of the Missing Mesechta: Where is Tractate Chanuka?
Rosh Hashana: You’re Invited to the Inaugural Ball of the King of Kings
A Stolen Sukkah’s Lesson for Those Sitting in a Kosher Sukkah
What are the Things You Could Do Without? The Lesson of Sukkos